Month: October 2013

Origins GinZing Eye Cream


This eye cream is super refreshing for morning use.  The vitamin C infused cream cools the under eye area and helps eliminate dark circles and puffiness.  I use it daily in the mornings to keep my eyes looking refreshed and awake regardless of how much sleep I’ve gotten.


Maybelline Unstobbable Eyeliner


Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner has been a staple in my makeup routine for years.  Onyx is my go-to black shade, but I use Espresso when I am going for a more natural look.  The pencil twists up to refill and draws on a super dark line.  It almost gives the look of liquid or gel eyeliner without the extra hassle.

Anastasia Brow Wiz Review


Anastasia Beverly Hills has a line of eyebrow products that receive stellar ratings.  Eyebrows tend to be the most overlooked area of the face and many people ignore them when doing their makeup.  I used to be one of those people, until I realized there was room to improve my look and better frame my face.  On my hunt for the perfect eyebrow fill-in tool, I came across Anastasia.  The packaging looks expensive and the products aren’t cheap.  Their prices are comparable to other department store brands and after trying out the Brow Wiz, I think they’re worth the cost. 

One end of the brow wiz has a fine tipped crayon that twists out.  I always prefer this type of crayon to the ones that require sharpening because they maintain the integrity of their shape better.  I opted for the Brow Wiz in shade “Ash Blonde” to complement my brows and hair color.  The shade turned out to be perfect, not too dark or severe on my features.  The crayon allows you to fill in your brows with thin strokes that mirror the look of your natural hairs.  My problem with many eyebrow pencils is that they draw on super thick lines and leave your brows looking super dark and unnatural.  The Brow Wiz does just the opposite, leaving your brows very natural, yet defined.

The other end of the brow wiz is a spoolie brush (the type of brush used for mascara).  After using the crayon end, brush through your brows with the spoolie.  This blends the color flawlessly and helps you maneuver your brows into place.  I recommend setting them with a brow gel after because the Wiz does not keep the hairs in place. Overall, the Brow Wiz is a super precise brow tool that lets you frame your face subtly.  I would recommend this for anyone who is scared to use a brow pencil, but wants to take their makeup look to the next level. 

Fall Trend: Berry Lips


Berry Lips are a huge trend for fall.  To get the juicy, full look of a berry lip, a stain is the way to go.

This look is also achievable on a budget. Every drugstore brand already has a berry colored lip product.

Pictured above is L’Oreal’s dupe of YSL’s glossy stains.  I am using the color “ Infinite Fuchsia“.  I have found that the pigmentation lasts but the glossiness wears off and dries your lips slightly.  When combined with Almay’s Liquid Balm in “Just Plum” you get the color impact of a stain with the added moisture and shine of a balm.

For best results apply the L’Oreal stain and once you feel it fading layer the Almay Liquid Balm over top of it.

October Favorites


Two products I’ve been loving this month are Benefit’s Rockateur Blush and L’Oreal La Laque.

Rockateur is a gorgeous rose gold shade and is more pigmented than Benefit blushes tend to be. This shade is popular for fall and has a silky finish that looks almost dewy on dry, winter skin.

La Laque, a striking fuchsia lip color has cool undertones that keep it appropriate for the fall.

Using Nude Eye Shadow as a Base

photo 4

Once you’ve selected your eye primer, it’s time for shadow! I like to start with a nude eye shadow just so there is a powder to set the base. My favorite is Champagne by Clinique. It has shimmer to help eliminate shadows and discoloration on the lid.

I have found that using a nude eye shadow to set any sort of eye primer makes it even more effective.

Mac Eye Shadow Bases


As a big name in the cosmetic industry, Mac produces some of the best and most popular products on the market. 

Both their Painterly Paint Pot and Pro Longwear concealer can be used as excellent eye shadow bases.  In my experience Pro Longwear tends to crease more and does not provide as opaque coverage. 

I love the Painterly Paint Pot because it corrects any discoloration on my eyelids, covers veins and helps eye shadow stay put throughout the day.