Month: November 2013

Buxom Full On Lip Cream

IMG_3852Finding a lip gloss that doesn’t dry out lips or leave them flaky is a challenge.  Buxom Full On Lip Cream seems to solve that problem. This gloss is thick, shiny, minty and plumping.  When it wears off there you are not left with dried out lips.  Instead, they are slightly moisturized and ready for a second coat, which applies quite smoothly.

I have the color White Russian, which is a very neutral, versatile shade.  However, this nude is rather opaque so it is not meant to layer with other colors.  It covers lips completely and plumps, tingles, moisturizes and freshens your lips.


Eyeliner & Lips

All you ever need is winged eyeliner and a bold lip.

This is such an easy look to pull off for everyday wear while still looking polished and girly.

If you’re crunched for time over the holiday season, this is the perfect last minute party look.

How To: Washing Your Brushes


In a perfect world, you would be washing your brushes once a week.

I only wash mine every few weeks at best, which is not ideal for keeping your skin healthy.

To wash my makeup brushes, I use this cleanser by BareMinerals, but any gentle shampoo or facial cleanser will work.


When washing your brushes, use warm water and always angle the brushes down so that the stream of water goes in the same direction as the bristles.  If you run the water directly into the center of the brush, the bristles will get tangled and the brush may not reshape well.

I squeeze a small amount of cleanser into my palm and after thoroughly soaking the brush, I delicately swirl and rub the brush into my palm until it lathers and I can see the makeup pigment seeping out.  Then, I run it under the faucet until the water washing through is clear and all the excess makeup is removed.

Before setting them out to dry, gently reshape the bristles as close to the original shape as possible so they can maintain their integrity.

The result: beautiful, fluffy, clean makeup brushes.



IMG_3854Aquaphor is my one and only standby when it comes to lip moisturizing.

Lip products don’t have to be high end to work.  Chapstick is the classic example and many people count on it (or Burt’s Bees).

My personal choice: Aquaphor.  They do sell specific lip versions of Aquaphor, but I found that the formula wasn’t as rich.  I buy these small tubes in packs of two and keep one on my nightstand and one in my purse.

The rich salve lasts through the night and keeps lips moist and soft.  I always apply a light coat before any lip color during the day to ensure my lips are supple and smooth.

Hair: Knot Braid & Around the World Braid


I am lucky enough to have a sister as my hair dresser.  When she wanted me to be a model so she could practice some new braiding techniques, I jumped at the chance.

After using a texturizing flat iron all over my hair, she did the knot braid (left).

Next, she tried the around the world braid leaving out a curled tendril of my bangs.

This is such a great style to try if you’re tired of the same old curls.

Mac Haul

machaulphoto 2

I recently went a little crazy at Mac. Here’s what I bought:

Mineralize Skin Finish in Light Plus: This is a go-to setting powder for me. I had hit pan on my last compact and it needed to be replenished.

Prep and Prime Highlighter in Light Boost: A yellow based cream highlighter that is great for highlighting and contouring the face.

Eye Shadow Refill Pans in Rule and Red Brick: The picture does not give these two orange-y shades justice.  They are deep orange colors that are ideal for defining the crease and complementing all eye colors.

Powder Blush Refill Pan in Margin: This shimmery cheek color is similar to Benefit’s Rockateur, but gives more intense color payoff. It is not to bright, but the shimmer makes it the ideal winter blush for a dewy complexion.

Smashbox Masterclass 2 Palette

masterclass2photo 1

I finally made the plunge and purchased this palette. I am SO excited.

So far the $59 price tag has been well worth it.

I will post a review once I’ve tried all the colors. My only complaint so far is that the magnets that are supposed to keep it closed aren’t strong enough; so, I wouldn’t travel with this palette like I had been hoping to.

Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment


This lip potion comes in the cutest packaging.  You can’t resist the adorable little pot of lip magic.  It’s just a bonus that the salve feels like a facial for your lips.  Super moisturizing argan oil nourishes and lasts on your lips.  I am not sure this product is worth the price, but it is a fun splurge if you are feeling indulgent.