Ponds Evening Soothe Makeup Remover Wipes



After being a loyal user of L’Oreal’s liquid eye makeup remover I finally converted to these wipes.

Literally not a spec of makeup will be left on my face after using one of these wipes.  With liquid makeup remover you have to go through the hassle of using a cotton pad; all in one wipes streamline the process.

Pond’s Evening Soothe Wipes are also a lot gentler on my skin.  The under eye is a particularly sensitive area and liquid removers tend to be very harsh.  When I am wearing heavy eye makeup I usually need to rub liquid eye makeup remover quite aggressively into my lash line in order to remove everything.  Then I end up with redness on my skin and some of the liquid in my eye, which burns.

These wipes solved all my problems.  They are gentle, smell amazing and are actually effective in removing all of my makeup.  The only complaint I have is that the package only includes 30 towelettes, which means I have to replenish my supply more often than with the liquid alternative.  While these wipes are an expensive habit, they are well worth it.


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