Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder


This is my new OBSESSION.
I normally do not use any hair products and allow my hair to air dry to prevent damage.
Being blonde means my hair looks immediately oily if if go over 24 hours without washing it. Therefore, I have tried dry shampoos to no avail and am constantly looking for a way to avoid having to wash my hair everyday.
Having fine hair also means a lack of volume and my hair is often limp and oily unless it is freshly washed and dried.
This product has fixed all of my hair woes.
Just shake a small amount of the powder on your roots and rub it in. It magically reduces the look of oil and gives your hair massive volume. Then your hair is revived and primed for styling.
My second day hair is now socially acceptable for public.
This product is a must have.


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