Benefit’s FakeUp


I have a lot to say about this product. Usually, I have nothing but great things to say about Benefit products.  For some reason FakeUp caused by skin to have a terrible reaction.

The first couple of times that I used FakeUp as an under-eye concealer I loved it. It is a typical concealer, but it is surrounded by a hydrating balm.  The super rich texture allows the concealer to blend very well and it gave me full coverage for my dark circles while hydrating my fine lines.

After a few days of loving the concealer and thinking that I would convert from my MAC Pro Longwear, I woke up to a bunch of tiny bumps on my delicate under eye area.  At first I thought it was a break out, but since I hadn’t changed any other products in my routine and realized they weren’t zits I realized that it was a bad reaction.  I was so upset that the product I was starting to love really took a toll on my skin. Then the bumps lingered for 3 days which made all my makeup look bumpy and unflattering. I am so disappointed in the product.  I would not recommend this product if you have sensitive skin.



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