Nars Sin Blush


For you fair skinned readers this blush may look scary.  And it probably in no way looks like a blush appropriate for springtime.

I had that reaction when I saw this shade in person for the first time.  I investigated the shade solely because of Tanya Burr’s recommendation (you can find her YouTube channel here; it is my new obsession). 


Being very fair-skinned myself, I am used to buying the lightest shade of foundation available and worrying that bright colors will be too overpowering in blushes and lip colors.  I was skeptical about this shade until I swatched it on my wrist.  

First of all, it does not apply as dark as it appears in the compact.  This shade gorgeous.  With just the right amount of shimmer it makes your cheeks glow without looking glittery.  The deep purple shade actually gives fair skin a tanned effect.  Sin can be used as a year round shade, but I think it will work particularly well as a spring and summer blush.  Getting the sun-kissed look on your skin can be challenging, especially for fair skin.  Something about the color of this blush lets you achieve that look without the muddy look of a bronzer.  For me bronzers can look too dark if I am not careful. 

My favorite way to wear this blush is with a very subtle contour.  I will buff bronzer with a big, fluffy brush into the hollows of cheeks and the outer edge of my forehead.  Then I dust Sin onto the apples of my cheeks and blend backwards towards my temples.  The result is a beautiful sun-kissed glow.  

If you are fair I urge you to try some Sin.



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