Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

IMG_0031IMG_0035 Naked 3 was promised to be the rose gold, neutral palette to compliment Naked and Naked 2, which feature bronze and taupe neutrals.

The colors look beautiful.  Pink and purple shades are great for complementing blue and green eye colors so I was excited to buy this palette.  I have been pretty satisfied with my Naked 2 Palette and I was hoping Naked 3 would be just as good.  All of these palettes have a good mix of shimmer and neutral colors that appear to be very versatile.

I have not been let down by the brush that came included in the palette (the brush that came with Naked 2 is one of my favorites).

However, the eye shadows have been very disappointing.

I tried applying the shimmers with my finger, with a dry brush and with a brush dampened with Mac’s Fix+.  All three methods failed to give me a good result.  I had the best luck using the pad of my finger, but even then the shimmer shadows went on chalky and had huge fallout that was difficult to remove from my cheeks.  I did not fine the shimmer shades to be buildable at all either.  It seemed the more product I tried to apply the more chalky the texture became and ultimately the pigmentation was disappointing.

The matte shades also disappointed me with their lack of pigmentation and difficulty to blend.  But, they are easy to build up and after a few layers there is some color payoff.

Limit is probably my favorite shade from the palette.  It takes some layering and blending, but ultimately it works well as a transition shade for pink or purple eye looks.

For the price, I don’t think this palette is worth it.  I much prefer the Naked 2, which is much more universal and has better pigmentation.




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