Month: July 2014

Must Watch Tutorial for Brides

This is an essential video for anyone who is getting married and doing their own makeup.

Kate Middleton did her own makeup for the royal wedding so if you plan to follow in her footsteps this video will give you all the tips and product recommendations you need to prepare.



Happy National Lipstick Day!

In honor of what is probably my favorite holiday, National Lipstick Day, I am featuring my all-time favorite lipstick.

Of course it had to be a high-end pick because there really is nothing more glamorous than Chanel.


“The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you.” -Coco Chanel


I present to you: Chanel Rouge Allure in 88 Évanescente.

This lipstick is the perfect muted, nude pink for me. It appears slightly shimmery in the tube, but when I apply it the shade transforms into an opaque, flattering pink with the right amount of sheen.  This shade flatters my complexion and instantly upgrades any look.

I bought this lipstick in Harrods so the elegant tube always brings back fun memories when I pull it out of my makeup bag.

What’s your favorite lipstick?


5 Summer Makeup Essentials


Bronzer– Bronzer is the classic makeup essential to give you that kissed-by-the-sun glow. Find one that suits your skin tone and has a slight shimmer to brighten up your complexion and give you a lit-from-within appearance.

SPF Foundation- Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation is my current favorite summer foundation.  With SPF 18 and a matte finish it is perfect for hotter weather.  Not to mention its blends flawlessly into skin. But, if you have any dry patches I’d recommend L’Oreal True Match Foundation instead since it doesn’t cling to dryness as much.

Bright Lip– Summer is the perfect time to play with bright lips. Everyone knows I am a huge fan of the Revlon Lip Butters and my new go-to shade is Sorbet. It gives a fun pop of hot pink and brightens everything up with some color.

Setting SprayNYX Matte Finish Setting Spray is my favorite product for summer. I wrote a rave review of it here. Essentially, it helps the pigments in your makeup last all day and prevents everything from melting away in the heat.

Blotting Papers– These are in my handbag at all times.  Instead of having to constantly cake on powder throughout the day to combat shine, these little blotting papers absorb oil and restore a matte finish to the face.  There isn’t one particular brand I prefer and you can find them at any drug store; I picked mine up at Ulta.


Benefit Gimme Brow


After being loyal to the Anastasia Brow Gel for quite a while, I have found an alternative.

On its own, Gimme Brow subtly defines brows by mimicking their natural texture and adding color. If you apply this product a little too liberally it will dry slightly crusty, like all brow gels. But, if you remove excess product from the wand before you apply it, the gel blends seamlessly with your brows.

Gimme Brow is tinted; I opted for the lighter shade (there are 2 options) to compliment my blonde hair.  It also contains fibers so it really helps fill in gaps if you have particularly sparse brows.

Personally, I use this brow gel over top of my Anastasia Brow Wiz and just apply it with a light hand to set them.  It also works well on its own, but I tend to be going for a more defined brow look so I don’t mind layering the two.

Surprisingly versatile and compact in size, this brow gel is a must whether you want strong, defined brows or just a little something to fill in the gaps.


NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray


This product has become my summer obsession.

I can’t entirely boast that it will keep your skin matte for hours on end during summer months, but unlike other setting sprays I’ve tried, it doesn’t instantly make the finish of your makeup dewy once you spray it. The mist dries matte on the skin, which I very much appreciate in the hot weather when I want to look shine-free for as long as possible.

My favorite feature of this setting spray is that it keeps the pigments of your makeup in place all day.  While skin may not be entirely matte at the end of a long summer day, the colors of my bronzer and blush are still as strong as when I apply them in the morning.  The fact that this spray keeps the pigments of my makeup in place makes it worth the purchase in my opinion.  Especially when it’s hot out, my blush and bronzer seem to be the first things to fade even when my foundation stays put.

I can appreciate having my blush and bronzer stay in place and I really don’t mind having a slightly dewy look to my complexion at the end of the day.

To completely eliminate shine I think you have to combine a good primer, foundation and setting spray.  And more than likely use blotting papers throughout the day as well!

This NYX setting spray is great for the price and I think worth giving a try if you are sick of products fading off your face during the day.