Benefit Gimme Brow


After being loyal to the Anastasia Brow Gel for quite a while, I have found an alternative.

On its own, Gimme Brow subtly defines brows by mimicking their natural texture and adding color. If you apply this product a little too liberally it will dry slightly crusty, like all brow gels. But, if you remove excess product from the wand before you apply it, the gel blends seamlessly with your brows.

Gimme Brow is tinted; I opted for the lighter shade (there are 2 options) to compliment my blonde hair.  It also contains fibers so it really helps fill in gaps if you have particularly sparse brows.

Personally, I use this brow gel over top of my Anastasia Brow Wiz and just apply it with a light hand to set them.  It also works well on its own, but I tend to be going for a more defined brow look so I don’t mind layering the two.

Surprisingly versatile and compact in size, this brow gel is a must whether you want strong, defined brows or just a little something to fill in the gaps.



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