Soleil Tan de Chanel


This is the ultimate in luxury when it comes to cream bronzer.  Coming from Chanel, there was no doubt in my mind that it would be opulent to use and after hearing several other bloggers rave about it I had to buy it.

When I first swatched it in the store, I was discouraged by how orange it appeared on my fair skin.  After blending it in it seemed to look better, but I wasn’t sold yet.  This is supposed to be a universal complexion bronzer and the girl working the counter reassured me that it would work with my skin tone.


I tried it first with my angled contour brush, which made it difficult to blend and distributed the product unevenly.  Worst of all it still looked orange!  Blending it more with my brush eventually rubbed all the cream off and definitely did not bronze my face.


After failing with this product various synthetic and duo-fiber brushes, I tried applying it with my trusty Beauty Blender.

And it was magical…as is applying most liquid/cream products with the Beauty Blender.

First, I apply my foundation and then I use the side of my Beauty Blender to stipple some of this bronzer on to my cheek bones, forehead and anywhere I would normally contour.  It looks radiant and super natural–like my skin, but better and more sun-kissed.

Now that I have perfected the technique for applying it, this is one of my favorite products. If you have dry skin I would definitely recommend this product because the creamy texture blends easily into skin and gives an almost dewy, luminous finish.  The price is a bit steep, but you get a lot of product and an incredibly beautiful finish if you learn to work with the product.



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