Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation


I really grew to like this foundation.  Nothing has taken the place of my L’Oreal True Match, but for the summer I repeatedly opted for this foundation instead.

The color matched my summer skin well.  Which isn’t saying much considering its the lightest shade in the range…

But, it is slightly less pink than my True Match in N1 and ever so slightly darker.  Essentially, it has a little more yellow in it, which matched a faint tan perfectly.

At first it seemed to cling to my dry patches, but applying it with my beauty blender quickly solved that problem.  I appreciate that it allows for buildable coverage, much like L’Oreal True Match.  It lets you achieve full coverage with some layering and blending.

Now that my skin is back to its regular shade, this foundation is too dark and leaves and yellow/orange cast to my complexion (not to mention gives me the slight mask effect even when I blend it down my neck).  I still prefer L’Oreal True Match especially because of their huge range of shades that allow you to find a better match and complement the undertone of your skin.  True Match also seems to be more blendable and less prone to caking up, which is always good when you are trying to get complete coverage.




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