Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone

IMG_0407 IMG_0405

Becca’s Opal highlighter is the talk of the town lately.  I knew it would be too dark for me and swatching it in Ulta confirmed that.  Moonstone is the only shade light enough to work on my skin, but all of the Pressed Skin Perfectors seem to give a just as beautiful an effect just with different tones.  If you have a medium skin tone definitely check out Opal.

Moonstone is slightly yellow in tone.  I find that it is very neutral and goes with any color blush or eye shadow.  Some highlighters tend to appear very gold or very pink and don’t go with every makeup look.  This highlighter can be worn with any color scheme as long as you’re looking to add some serious shimmer.

None of the other highlighters I’ve tried are as shimmery as this one.  It borders on being glittery, but doesn’t quite cross that line.  Still, be warned that these highlighters deliver some serious shine and probably aren’t appropriate for everyday makeup.



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