NYX Angel Veil Primer


This is one of my current obsessions as you will know if you saw my September Favorites Video!

NYX Angel Veil Primer is probably the most expensive NYX product I’ve seen on the shelves at $15.99.  But, I was still impressed with it and would repurchase this primer for sure.

I have never been a primer-lover and I have never really found one that seemed to give any benefits worth lengthening my beauty routine for.  But, I finally got my hands  on this bad boy when my sister got me Angel Veil for my birthday (yay!).

After using this for a few weeks I really noticed a difference.  First of all, my pores look smaller, which definitely never happens.  At first I thought I was imagining it, but they definitely seem smaller especially on my nose.  Second, this primer really keeps my makeup from looking oily through out the day.  It doesn’t keep it matte for the entire day, but it does minimize the amount of oiliness that does happen and keeps it from happening as fast.  It also has not broken me out like other primers that are very oily and slippery in texture.

I would consider this primer to be “skin perfecting” as it claims to be and it has definitely convinced me to add in a primer step to my makeup routine.




  1. I appreciate the review! I’ve tried one of their primers in the past and didn’t care for it so the price of this one combined with that experience was a little off putting but I’m down for anything that will reduce the size of my pores 😉 Thanks for the post!


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