Lush Fizzbanger Bath Bomb


While it is bright yellow on the outside, the core of this bath bomb is blue. Your bath turns the craziest bright green color. While that sounds off putting, it really isn’t. It was mesmerizing to see the bath change color as the bath bomb fizzed.

Being bright green made the bath fun, but I wasn’t as big of a fan of the scent as I thought I would be. Apple is one of my favorite fragrances so I was expecting to really enjoy this Lush product. Even after soaking in the bath for quite a while, the scent was not very strong. The notes of apples and cinnamon were overpowered by a sweet candy fragrance, which was ok, but not what I was expecting.

At the center of Fizzbanger is a slip of paper that says “BANG!” in a comic book speech bubble; a cute touch that made the melting of the bath bomb even more exciting.

I can’t complain too much about a relaxing, bright green bath, but this is definitely not one of my favorite Lush bath products and I probably won’t be repurchasing it.



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