Roses de Chloe


Welcome to my current everyday perfume. After receiving a Nordstrom gift card for my birthday I finally decided to spend it on this fragrance that I had been eying for quite a while.

Every time I walked through Nordstrom or Sephora I would spray it and wish that it wasn’t nearly $100. After many sample tubes and test wears of this scent, I decided to take the plunge and buy the big girl bottle.

It smells of, you guessed it, roses. There’s really not a whole lot more to say. It’s fresh and floral, which I really like because I prefer to smell clean and crisp rather than musky or warm. If you like the smell of roses you will likely enjoy this fragrance.

I am not necessarily impressed with the poignancy of the fragrance, however. With my other perfumes I sprits twice to avoid overkill and smelling like an old lady. But, with Roses de Chloe I find myself spraying it 4 times at least to get a noticeable smell. Let’s hope I’m not actually overwhelming everyone that comes into a 6-foot radius of me with a strong rose bouquet smell.

I haven’t got any complaints yet and I am wearing this literally everyday.

For the price I wouldn’t recommend this perfume, but I really cannot find any other fragrance on the market that is a pure rose scent. Until I find something comparable, this expensive, beautiful bottle will have to do.



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