Freeman Feeling Beautiful Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask


The little travel-size towers they put near the registers in Ulta are dangerous. Everything seems so cheap and cute and small, but it tends to be a waste of money.

I have discovered some winning products out of my impulse travel size purchases, like the Body Shop Tea Tree Mask and 24/7 Oil Blotting Tissues.

After being tempted (yet again) to buy this sample mask pouch, I was disappointed.

Here’s why:

This is a scrub.  Not a mask.  It says mask on the package and that is a lie.

The consistency of this mask is too runny to be considered a mask and as soon as I applied it to my face it began to slide around and drip off of my face.

Half the fun of masks is when you can feel them working.  Some you can feel as they tighten your pores, others are cooling and feel like they are purging out impurities.  This particular specimen just felt warm and like it was going to fall off my face before it had the chance to be effective.

But, I waited with it dripping off my face for the fully allotted time and it did not dry or seem to do much else other than just slide off my skin.  I massaged it in to get a scrub effect as I was washing it off and it worked okay as a facial scrub.  Really, this was nothing to write home about.

My skin was basically unfazed by this “mask.”



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