The Best Makeup of 2014!


There were 5 MVP products of 2014 for me.

These were the things that I used daily for long stretches of time and know I’ll be able to rely on them for years to come.

And here are my favorites:

1. FOUNDATION: L’Oreal True Match.  I mean come on.  You’ve heard me (and tons of others) rave about this forever.  If this is not your go-to drugstore foundation, you’re doing it wrong.  They offer a huge range of shades that can match tons of different skin tones.  This foundation gives medium coverage and can be built up to a full coverage if you need it.  It also has a low SPF, which my skin appreciates.  It’s affordable, versatile and you really can’t go wrong.

2. CONCEALER: BareMinerals Bisque.  This has been a holy grail product of mine for years now and it deserves it’s own post.  I can’t live without it.  If you’re taking flash photographs, the SPF 20 gives a little bounce back, but the benefits definitely outweigh that one drawback for me.

3. WINGED LINER: Maybelline Line Stiletto. 2014 was the year that I finally mastered winged liner.  Multiple factors and products contributed to that fact, but this liner is my absolute favorite for winged liner.  There are others that have a finer tip and make it easier to get that super sharp end to your wing, but this liner in particular is blacker than all the rest and dries matte.  Those qualities are the most important to me when doing my liner, so I used this every single time I drew a wing, even if I layered another liner under or over it.

4. BROWS: Anastasia Brow Wiz.  On fleek.  This product took the guess work out of my brows and made me realize how incomplete my make up looked with untouched brows.  The fine tip on the Brow Wiz makes is easy to mimic hairs and fill in your brows without looking over done.

5. HIGHLIGHT: Mac Soft and Gentle.  This was also the year that I discovered highlight and realized it’s full glory.  Soft and Gentle is so beautiful and easy to wear that it’s hard to imagine how my makeup looked complete without it.  I continue to reach for it more than the rest and if I had to pick one highlight for all eternity it would be this one.

BONUS: Beauty Blender.  If your makeup isn’t looking quite right this is what you’re missing. Everyone who uses makeup needs a Beauty Blender.

And that does it for my absolute favorite makeup products of 2014!

Hope you enjoyed my top 5 products and happy 2015!



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