Batiste Dry Shampoo


Batiste has become a daily fixture in my beauty routine.

Since I dyed my hair platinum blonde, it’s gotten WAY less oily and I am so pleased.  Now I can go 4 days without washing my hair if I want to.  It’s fantastic.  And also means that I can keep the curl in my hair for longer.

Batiste is the most effective product I’ve found for really restoring my hair and making it look clean again.  As is it’s reputation, this dry shampoo does leave a white cast on your hair.  That works just fine for me since I have platinum hair, but if  you have anything darker, I would recommend trying their tinted dry shampoo especially for brunettes.

There are a variety of scent options, but the Original is my favorite.

If you don’t like gritty dry shampoo or one that leaves a white cast, this product isn’t for you.

But, if you want something that is seriously going to absorb some oil and extend the time between hair washes I’d give it a try; it’s only $7.99.



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