Lush Love Locket Bath Bomb | Valentine’s Day


The Love Locket Bath Bomb from Lush is one of their limited time Valentine’s Day products.  It was too cute not to buy.  Plus, they were all out of the Unicorn Horn Bath Bomb at my local Lush, so I had to settle for something else.

You are supposed to be able to break this one up and get 3 baths out of it.  But, YOLO! I chucked the whole thing in the bath at once.  It turned my water pink and smelled amazing.  The vanilla, jasmine and neroli oils put off an amazing scent and felt very nourishing on my skin.

Overall, I really enjoyed this bath, but I think I still prefer some of the standard Lush Bath Bombs, which is good because these limited releases are hard to get your hands on!  Pick up one of these if you can and they aren’t out of stock.  It’s a very nice personal treat for Valentine’s Day.



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