The Best Valentine’s Day Lip Product


This Buxom Full on Lip Cream in White Russian used to be a real favorite in my collection and I used it religiously.  Then I went through a bit of a matte lip stage and this (and all my glosses) fell by the wayside.  And I have rediscovered it just in time for Valentine’s Day!

I am a fan of several of the Buxom lip products, but this one is especially good for Valentine’s Day or date night.  Let me tell you why…

All of the Buxom lip products I have are minty fresh in scent, which is particularly nice when you may be concerned about your breath while on a date.

This lip gloss in particular also has plumping properties which will give you a sexy, full pout for Valentine’s Day activities.

I like the White Russian color because it is a pink nude color that will go with any eye look you choose from a dramatic smokey eye to a soft, glowing look.  Plus, I also think a lighter and more natural lip color looks less intimidating and more kissable.



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