Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara


With the recent emergence of many drugstore eyebrow wonder products, I find myself straying from my tried and true Brow Wiz and Gimme Brow.

The Maybelline Brow Drama is one product I have dabbled with off good recommendations.

My thoughts on this product are a little mixed.

First, I love that it gives great hold to the lashes.  A lot of brow gels promise to keep hairs in place and then fail to deliver, I think this one does a fairly good job.

My key issue with the product is the brush.  The giant round nib makes it impossible to apply the product to the tail of the lash without getting it all over your face.  Since it is tinted the color then goes all around the brow and looks a mess.

I can’t really complain about the formula, but the brush makes it pretty unusable for my brows.  If you have intense Cara-esque brows that are thick and square in shape all the way through you might be able to use this, but if your brows have a thinner tail don’t bother.




  1. ah! I’ve been looking for an honest review on this product. been iffy myself on buying it so thanks for this, totally helps =)


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