ELF Blush Brush


You can’t beat ELF prices.  They have a few stand out products that everyone raves about, so I thought I’d pick up a brush.

I’m not sure “Blush Brush” is an appropriate name for this one.  It’s small and tapered and I don’t think its best use is applying blush.  I bought it for applying powder to set my under eye concealer.  The shape is similar to the Real Techniques Setting Brush that I had been using before, but ELF’s version is less than half the price.  Real Techniques’ Setting Brush retails for $8, while the ELF Blush Brush is $3.

Turns out, the shape of ELF’s Blush Brush is perfect for setting under eye concealer.  I use it everyday and am really getting my $3 worth out of this brush.  Great buy for the price.



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