ELF Blush Brush


You can’t beat ELF prices.  They have a few stand out products that everyone raves about, so I thought I’d pick up a brush.



Tangle Teezer


This was supposed to solve my hair’s tangle problems.  I’ve heard other bloggers rave about it and sing it’s praises.

I have fine hair that tangles extremely easily and this contraption looked promising.  I thought it would help me be able to brush through my hair easily and maybe make brushing wet hair a little more painless.

Design wise, the Tangle Teezer is very ergonomic and comfortable to hold in your hand and maneuver through your hair.  I like that it doesn’t have a handle, but to achieve a similar effect you can simply hold your regular brush by the barrel and not the handle to get more control.

The bristles don’t seem to be groundbreaking in terms of actually alleviating tangles.

If you need a new brush, this one isn’t bad, it just isn’t fantastic either.


EcoTools Fan Brush


EcoTools is a line of eco-friendly makeup brushes with bamboo handles.  They are very soft and found in the drugstore; I buy mine at Ulta.

I bought this Deluxe Fan Brush for powder highlighters because I think the fan shape applies highlight to the cheekbones in one effortless swipe.

This brush is super soft, I love using it for my highlight and at only $6.99 I think you get your money’s worth while being environmentally conscious.