“Color Changing Lipsticks”


Finally!  Someone validates my opinion on the Dior Lip Glow.

Thank you Into the Gloss.

Color changing lipsticks are a gimmick.  Be warned.



Diorskin Nude BB Creme


I never got along with any of the other BB creams I tried. This one is the only one that I really think is different and useful. Most BB creams are really just tinted moisturizers that deliver sheer coverage at best. Frankly, they tend to leave an orange cast on my skin and do more harm than good. Especially those ones that claim to, “adjust to your exact skin tone.” Yeah, right.

The price for this Diorskin Nude BB Creme is steep and I wasn’t expecting it to be worth the splurge. But, several sample pots full from Nordstrom later, and I was hooked.


Dior Addict Lip Glow


The packaging for the Dior Lip Glow is irresistible.

It promises to react with your body chemistry to create a shade that flatters your exact lip color.

After spending $35 on this lip product I was hoping it would enhance and beautify my natural lip color.

I was disappointed.

Every time I tried to wear this product it didn’t do anything in my opinion.  It was rather moisturizing, but did not give any color at all.  I did not notice a change in the pigmentation of my lips.  It was basically like wearing a clear balm.

A clear balm should not cost $35.  But, you will look cool pulling it out of the packaging and applying it.